Katolsk Studentlag i Oslo er en forening for studenter, akademikere og andre interesserte.
Vårt formål er å være en møteplass for katolikker ved høgskolen og universitetet i Oslo.


(Signum) En av Vatikanens frÀmsta experter pÄ dialogen mellan kristendom och islam, Àrkebiskop Michael Fitzgerald, förklarade (...) att dialogen med islam Àr Ànnu viktigare nu efter Usama bin Ladins död.Les mer

(Zenit) Meeting Has "Memorable Character" With Beatification of Founder.Les mer

(Zenit) Here is an introduction by Stefano Fontana to a book by Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, "Catholics in Politics".Les mer

(www.youtube.com) The Vatican has called a meeting with bloggers.Les mer

(www.vl.no) Holdt seg hjemme fra Ärets pÄskegudstjenester. De frykter angrep.Les mer

(The Tablet) Pope Benedict XVI has beatified his predecessor John Paul II in a Mass at St Peter's Square this morning that saw the biggest crowds gather in Rome since the Polish pope's death in 2005.Les mer

(www.youtube.com) En video hvor talsmenn fra Vatikantet kommenterer saligkÄringen av Johannes Paul II.Les mer

(NYTimes) Last weekend, we trooped to the polls on street corners and under almond trees in this rough and ready city of 10 million to elect a new president. Everything seemed orderly and peaceful and oddly celebratory. This time, unusually, we even believed our votes would count. Les mer

(The Tablet) When the artist Rembrandt sought to represent Jesus in the religiously turbulent atmosphere of seventeenth-century Holland, his solution was typically innovative. An exhibition starting its tour at Paris’ MusĂ©e du Louvre displays his radical new and universal vision of the Saviour Les mer

(The Tablet) Scientific metaphors to explain religious or spiritual ideas can go horribly wrong. So it is good to note how sure-footedly Pope Benedict XVI navigated his way through one such minefield, to adapt a wartime nautical metaphor, in his Passion Sunday sermon in St Peter’s Square. His...Les mer

(NYTimes) Riots broke out in downtown Kampala on Thursday as another round of street demonstrations over commodity prices spread after a leading opposition politician was arrested for the third time in two weeks, significantly heightening tensions here. Les mer

(The Tablet) The sight of Muslim women being manhandled by French officials because they were wearing the full-face veil brought no honour to that great country. The French approach to secularism, known as laïcité, can only be discredited by such an ugly outcome. It was entirely predictable when...Les mer

(RealClearReligion) Ever since the wave of popular movements started sweeping the Middle East, Western media have rarely found much good to say about the authoritarian regimes under attack. Few observers deny that the last generation or so of Arab rulers were indeed greedy despots, and it seems...Les mer

(NYTimes.com) We cannot come to terms with the Civil War because it presents us with an unacceptable kind of self-knowledge. We think, as Americans, that we possess a heroic past, and we like to think of our history as one of progress and the spread of freedom, even transcendence.Les mer

Earth Hour 2011


(Earth Hour2011) ”La oss bruke seksti minutter i mĂžrket til Ă„ hjelpe verden med Ă„ se lyset”, sier FNs generalsekretĂŠr Ban Ki-moon. I dag offentliggjĂžr Earth Hours ”verdensleder-fanklubb” sin stĂžtte til klimakampanjen. Les mer

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