Katolsk Studentlag i Oslo er en forening for studenter, akademikere og andre interesserte.
Vårt formål er å være en møteplass for katolikker ved høgskolen og universitetet i Oslo.


(blog.caritas.org) Today is World Refugee Day: honoring the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes. It is our chance to let the 45.2 million people forced from their homes around the world know that we walk with them.Les mer

(stdominikus) Den 10. juni er det ett år siden pater Arnfinn A. Haram forlot oss. Vi minnes Arnfinn i bønn ved en felles minnevandring opp til stedet der han døde. Det vil bli bønn, sang, Sakramentstilbedelse og vesper, og vi leser utdrag av Arnfinn sine tekster. For mer informasjon og påmelding,...Les mer

(the tablet) Religious leaders will gather in London next week to pray for peace three weeks after soldier Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich. The event was arranged long before the terrorist atrocity but, as an authority on interfaith relations explains, it assumes a special significance at this timeLes mer

(blog.caritas.org) The humanitarian situation in Lebanon is desperate as over a million Syrian refugees seek safety in their tiny neighbour. “What we have been seeing is unbelievable, says President of Caritas Lebanon, Fr. Simon Faddoul. “The numbers are growing in an incredible way. The situation...Les mer

(The Tablet) The new Pope’s unprecedented decision to create a commission of cardinals to study how the Catholic Church is governed has been seen by many observers as a response to recent Vatican scandals. But it is a far more radical move than that, as analysis of his choice of commissioners showsLes mer

(thetablet.co.uk) There have been a number of attempts to reform the Roman Curia, but the new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, has the best opportunity to dateLes mer

(thetablet.co.uk) The bold and imaginative election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires as the new Pope has focused the world’s attention on the very office itself, the Petrine ministry. He is the first Jesuit Pope, the first from outside Europe, and was said to have been a runner-up...Les mer

(blog.caritas.org) What’s in a name? Since the Holy Father chose to be the first Pope Francis in history, many people have been speculating about the significance of this.Les mer

(blog.cafod.org.uk) On the rooftops around St Peter’s Square, the world’s television media built makeshift studios with powerful camera lenses fixed onto a simple red copper chimney stack. In the Square itself I joined Catholics from all over the world chatting and making friends, sharing coffee...Les mer

(Vatican Radio) Citing the Latin formula, Habemus Papam, the Proto Deacon, French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran appeared on the central balcony of Saint Peter’s Basilica Wednesday evening to announce the election of the 265th Successor of Saint Peter: Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio,...Les mer

(The Tablet) Many are now calling for the next pope to have a proven capacity for governance and what in management-speak is known as ‘global fluency’. So the electing cardinals might look to the business world for lessons on how to choose their manLes mer

(The Tablet) The most senior figures in the Catholic Church have begun the secretive process of electing a new pope following the shock resignation of Benedict XVI.Les mer

(morgenbladet.no) Alt vi hørte om under Benedikt XVIs pontifikat var kjønn, men det paven selv var opptatt av, var forholdet mellom tro og fornuft, sier Claes Tande, prest i Sandefjord katolske menighet.Les mer

(The Tablet) Benedict XVI’s announcement of his retirement took the world by surprise. In less than a fortnight, he will step down. Here, our Rome correspondent, who watched this week’s extraordinary events unfold, judges the measure of a truly historical momentLes mer

(katolsk.no) Kardinalene som i mars vil bli innkalt til konklave av kardinalkollegiets dekanus, kardinal Angelo Sodano, har allerede begynt diskusjonene om en egnet etterfølger for pave Benedikt XVI. Etter at mediene stadig vekk har holdt frem den ghanesiske kardinalen Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson,...Les mer

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