Katolsk Studentlag i Oslo er en forening for studenter, akademikere og andre interesserte.
Vårt formål er å være en møteplass for katolikker ved høgskolen og universitetet i Oslo.


(www.vl.no) Deres Majesteter, Eksellenser, Mine damer og herrer...Les mer

(www.zenit.org) Benedict XVI today asked for all Catholics around the world to pray for the Church in China, which he said is going through moments of particular difficulty.Les mer

(Signumbloggen) Sveriges ambassadör vid den Heliga stolen, Ulla Gudmundson, har publicerat en mycket lÀsvÀrd rapport om pÄven Benedictus XVI och hans sÀtt att leda den katolska kyrkan.Les mer

(blog.caritas.org) We were greeted at the CancunMesse convention centre today with an offer to have our picture taken while standing in a heart, holding an ‘I love KP’ sign (KP is short for Kyoto Protocol). And we did. People lined up one by one to show their devotion for the legally binding treaty...Les mer

(The Tablet) Just as last year’s big media event was the unauthorised release of confidential documents about the expenses claims of Members of Parliament, so this year’s sensation also concerns leaks: of hundreds of thousands of papers from within the entrails of the United States diplomatic...Les mer

(signumbloggen) Faraday Institute for Science and Religion (se Signum 6/2008) Àr ett tvÀrvetenskapligt forskningsinstitut i Cambridge, England, som regelbundet anordnar konferenser om naturvetenskap och religion, med fokus pÄ hur naturvetenskapliga och religiösa övertygelser förhÄller sig till...Les mer

(morgenbladet.no) Kristendommen er blitt eksotisk for mange nordmenn, mener Didrik SĂžderlind. I boken Kristen-Norge. En oppdagelsesreise beholder han tvilen, men avslĂžrer sulten.Les mer

(NYTimes) Thanksgiving is a culinary commemoration of the “Pilgrim and Indian” feast. The turkey salad, turkey soup and turkey sandwiches that have dominated our lives these last few days, on the other hand, commemorate something else: a lost way of American eating, one in which leftovers played a...Les mer

(caritas.org blog) In his personal statement for one of the universities, my 17 year old grandson wrote, “A Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem, I was born close to the birth of the Oslo Peace Accord, and grew up with the hope of a just solution and prosperity. I witnessed the disappointing...Les mer

(The Tablet) In late 2004, an Essex-based group calling itself the Catholic Action Group (CAG) threatened a nationwide campaign against Cafod, accusing it of “promoting condoms”. In fact, Cafod advocated abstinence and fidelity as the means of preventing the spread of the virus that causes Aids,...Les mer

(The Tablet) The media has long known that the words “sex” and “Pope” go well together in a headline. There was another chance to pair them when the weekend edition of L’Osservatore Romano jumped the gun on publication of an interview Pope Benedict gave last summer. He had been asked about the...Les mer

Morgenbladet tar tak i begrepet integrering, problematiserer det med tall og regjeringens positive syn.Les mer

(NYTimes) Pope Benedict XVI has said that condom use can be justified in some cases to help stop the spread of AIDS, the Vatican’s first exception to a long-held policy banning contraceptives. The pope made the statement in interviews on a host of contentious issues with a German journalist, part...Les mer

(Dag og Tid) – Dialogen med muslimar er berre ei Ăžving utan innhald, seier Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her mĂžter den forfylgde og frĂ„falne muslimen den katolske munken og multikulturalisten Arnfinn Haram.Les mer

(The Tablet) If Burma’s ruling generals thought Aung San Suu Kyi was a spent force, the crowds that greeted her release proved them wrong. This move may mark the start of the long road to democracy but ‘The Lady’, as she is known, will need more than a little help from her friends Les mer

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